Crazy For Hair Accessories!

The hair accessories have made a HUGE comeback and are here to stay! - We're glad - especially for those bad hair days when your hair just isn't cooperating no matter what you do!

Let your hair clips or scrunchie be your hero. 

....... And how do you wear them may you ask.........?

The answer is - There is no right or wrong way to wear them! Whatever way you feel or choose be sure to rock them! Don't be afraid to mix or match clips with eachother either to create some serious statement looks! We love them styled with one side or both sides of the hair pulled back and clipped in, in a pony or bun clipped in underneath or on the side near your hair tie!

As far as scrunchies go we love a good low pony, half up half down with a bun look, a messy bun or the good ol' scrunchie round the wrist as a bracelet - until you need it to pull your hair back during those busy days and forget that it's around your wrist - Yes it happens to the best of us...

These are some of our hair accessory inspo and favourite ways to wear the hair accessory trend!

Simple yet so effective, they can be worn casual or dressy ... WE LOVE!

Such a statement when you mix a million clips together, super stylish - more is .... well more...

Yasss..... We love a good messy bun or low pony - How effortless!

And ofcourse the scrunchie look as a bracelet to match your outfit is always easy.

Please not these images are gathered via pinterest just for inspiration purposes and are not our own unless otherwise specified.


We hope you love our first blog post ever to exist and it provided you with some useful information and inspiration!! 

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