How to care for lightweight fabrications

Lightweight floaty fabrics.


With the warmer weather ahead of us lots more lightweight and delicate fabrics will be around.. Particular fabrications require some extra care and below I will share with you some tips that will help maintain and keep your garments looking beautiful!


Viscose - A breathable and static free fabrication with a smooth finish and great drape.

Rayon - A man made fabric blended from Cotton and other natural/synthetic fibers. It is comfortable and cooling to wear especially for Summer dresses.

Always wash Viscose in cold water, while wet you can stretch out the fabric along the hems and sleeve to maintain the shape.

After washing Viscose it will feel much tighter, as though it has shrunk, however it is just the nature of the fabric. Simply warm steam iron it to get it back to shape, it will relax the fabric back into its original state.

A similar fabrication to care for the same way as Viscose is Rayon. Care for these fabrics the same way and they will always keep looking their best.

Linen - A natural fiber made from Flax that is lightweight, breathable and keeps you cool and fresh in the warm weather. Linen has a beautiful texture to it that is like no other. Look after it and treat it with much care to keep this beautiful fabrication alive!

Be gentle with this fabrication, it will always get softer over time. Like Cotton, always wash Linen in cold water to keep colours loooking vibrant and prevent shrinking - preferably hand wash (will extend the life of your Linen garment/s) or delicate cycle using a gentle detergent in order to protect the fibers. 


These are our favourite fabrications coming into the warmer months and there will be a lot more products coming through in these so it made sense to share with you a whole blog about caring for them!


Love and light,

LUNAR & kite

Nic Xx